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  • tags: ajax icons generator

  • tags: ajax icons generator

    • 讓你自製 Ajax loader gif,現在只有「團團轉」式的 – post by Jacky
    • Animated Gif generator for activity indicators or throbbers… – post by yc c
    • Генератор изображений-анимаций для Ajax – post by Konstantin Mikhaylov
    • 很酷的 loading image 產生器, 目前已經可以產生許多種不同的 loading image 了…挑一個自己喜歡的,並且配上適合自己網站的顏色吧!(透明的選項並不建議使用,因為在深色的背景中,會有鋸齒的不自然現象。最好依據網頁的背景顏色來產生,這樣就會非常漂亮囉!) – post by Benx Shen
    • Generador de gráfico de carga de Ajax – post by Raúl – [^BgTA^]
    • Ajax loading gif generator – post by
    • Cool Ajax loading graphics – post by Mike Lane
    • An app that lets you generate the little “processing” animated gifs that you see on ajaxy sites in whatever color scheme you need. Handy. – post by Lindsay Donaghe
    • gif de loading en ajax – post by Edgar Muñoz
    • This site lets you generate animated gifs for “loading images”. – post by Chris Harbert
    • Ajax loading gif generator – post by James Lin
    • Generate fancy animated gifs that can be shown to the user while an Ajax or long-running process is underway. – post by mike
    • Ajaxでのローディング画像を生成 – post by naoaki onozaki
    • ajax loading generator – post by Rika Y
    • Loadingアニメーション – post by yuichi
    • Ajax技術を使っているサイトに良く見かける「ロード中アイコン」が作れるサイト – post by masanobu toki
    • ajax loader iconを自動生成 – post by borialis
    • Slick little generator for “busy” animations (with a focus on the new circle-throbbers) in different colors (and only in .gif format) – post by Joel Bennett
    • Create easily your own ajax loader icon :

      1. Select the type of indicator you want
      2. Enter the background code color you want
        (tick “Transparent background” if you don’t want one
      3. Enter the foreground code color you want

      Press “Generate it”

      – post by Pierro Marie

    • now loadingのクルクルを作ってくれるジェネレータ – post by ick ramone
    • Create AJAX loader.
      – post by Sushiil Bharti
    • From miura is a sentence sharing game. Three words start a sentence off. Players are then able to enter three words at a time to continue the story. Any number of people can play at once. A fullstop, question mark or exclamation mark will end the story.
      All you need is a quick wit, fast fingers and some lightning fast connection! Are you any good?


      – post by jane words

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