Blog bookmarks 03/08/2008 git’ing started with RSpec

tags: git, luntbuild, vcs

Hello, OSGi, Part 1: Bundles for beginners – Java World

tags: luntbuild, osgi → Shortcomings of Mercurial

tags: luntbuild, mercurial, vcs

Optimize A Fresh Ubuntu Installation – Wired How-To Wiki

tags: linux, ubuntu

debugging JVM crashes or more on -XX options / Eclipse

tags: debug, eclipse, java

Bull’s Blog: Small GWT / OSGi Problem

tags: gwt, luntbuild, osgi

Distributed revision control with Mercurial

tags: luntbuild, mercurial, vcs

  • An on-line book (this is the HTML version) describing distributed revision control.  Distributed revision control has great potential for artists working in digital media as it makes “forking” a less messy proposition.  This text goes over the pro and cons of distributed revision control from the perspective of a programmer, but much of what is said can be applied to any creative discipline.
     – post by benny2891

Kohsuke Kawaguchi’s Blog: Using mercurial to maintain local changes to a 3rd party library

tags: luntbuild, mercurial, vcs

Subversion or CVS, Bazaar or Mercurial? – Java World

tags: luntbuild, vcs

nedwolf Freeware – Free Windows Software – Free Internet / Network Applications

tags: tools, web


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