Blog bookmarks 02/23/2008

Turn Your Rig into a Linux Home Theater PC (for free): Freevo

tags: linux, theater, tv

Verizon, Motorola, Sprint, Cingular, Nokia, LG, Nextel, used cell phones | Cash My Phone

tags: pda, phone, used

Used : Sell your Handheld

tags: pda, phone, used

View All FAQs (Page 1 of 3)

tags: faq, motorola, pda, phone

MOTO Q music 9m Sitemap

tags: motorola, pda, phone

MOTO Q 9m Wiki – MOTO Q 9m Wiki

tags: motorola, pda, phone

BirdieSync – Pocket PC and Smartphone synchronization with Thunderbird, Lightning and Sunbird on ActiveSync

tags: firefox, pda, phone, sync

  • 21-day trial – post by oneeye

How to sync your Pocket PC with Thunderbird – Mobile Minute – Download Squad

tags: firefox, pda, phone, sync

GCALDaemon – Project Home

tags: gmail, pda, phone, sync

Geek to Live: Sync Google Calendar and Gmail contacts to your desktop

tags: gmail, pda, phone, sync

  • HOT stuff!! this may really work. I can’t belive the guys at Mozilla still can’t make Sunbrid (their calendar) work with google calendar.

    You read right. You can download your calendar, but not update from your desktop… stupid.

     – post by vahidm

Plantronics )) Mobile )) Bluetooth Mobile Headsets )) Plantronics Voyager™ 510

tags: bluetooth, pda, phone

Download – gpsVP – GPS map for WM Smartphone – GPS software for Windows mobile for smartphone

tags: gps, pda, phone

Zvuky mp3 ke stažení zdarma do mobilu – Sounds free for ringtones

tags: pda, phone, ringtones

Free MP3 Ringtones – Downloads

tags: motorola, pda, phone, ringtones

Motorola Q – Motorola Q Forum | Everything Q

tags: forum, motorola, pda, phone

Built-in Applications: Motorola Q [Archive] – Hello Moto Q Forums

tags: motorola, pda, phone

Battery Test: Motorola’s Qs Go Head to Head

tags: battery, motorola, pda, phone

How do I activate airplane or flight mode on my Motorola Q – Everything Motorola Q

tags: motorola, pda

How I’m using Amazon S3 to serve media files |

tags: services, storage, web Amazon S3, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Unlimited Online Storage: Amazon Web Services

tags: services, storage, web

Pavilion ZD7000 Series Batteries – Hewlett Packard Pavilion ZD7000 Series Laptop Battery –

tags: battery, hp, laptop

HP Pavilion ZD7000 Battery – HP Pavilion ZD7000 Laptop Battery products from

tags: battery, hp, laptop

338794-001, 342661-001, 345027-001, DM842A, PP2182D, PP2182L, B-5699 – High Performance Lithium Ion Main Battery Pack for Hewlett-Packard Pavilion Notebook zd7000 (CTO) – Kahlon

tags: battery, hp, laptop

Visual VM: Free and Open Source Java Troubleshooter | Javalobby

tags: java, profiler, tools

Cédrik’s Weblog

tags: java, leak, memory


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